Welcome to our Sunggle Puppie Page, where we offer puppy parents everywhere information about the BEST gift for their new Furbaby.... NO puppy should be sent home with out one.

If you are adopting your furbaby from another breeder have no worries, we can mail your snuggle puppy to the breeder for you.

All Snuggle Puppie products come with

What is a Snuggle Pet?
SnugglePuppies™  (Snug’l Pup’i)(Snug’l Kit’i) noun. 1. A stuffed animal with a heart beat and heater. 2. An item to cuddle, curl up or sleep on for comfort. 3. A snug, cozy friend for animals that eases crying, loneliness and separation anxiety. 4. An award-winning virtual mom. Also spelled as: SnugglePuppie™ or Snuggle Puppie™ or Snuggle Puppy™

Snuggle Puppies
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Beating Heartbeat

To use:

1. To use the heart, first remove the white tab from the heart and discard, then simply switch on.

2. Place heart in the underside pouch and securely fasten the velcro strips together.

Batteries typically last 3 days if left on full time, but can be extended several days if the heart is just used at night -- just use the On/Off switch. Replace the batteries with a quality brand when necessary, using 2 of style 357 or LR44W calculator or watch batteries. The heart has a 'Real Feel Beat', not a heart noise....this makes a big difference in our experience. Outside the womb the feel wins every time.

Heat Pack FAQ's: Group of Questions & Answers

Q: How big are your heat packs?
A: 3.5" x 5.5"

Q: How do they work?
A: When iron powder, activated carbon, and salt are combined in specific quantities and exposed to oxygen, it causes a chemical reaction providing heat. This chemical reaction is from natural non-toxic products and stops if water or saliva comes in contact with it.

Q: Do you microwave them?
A: NO, you do not microwave them.

Q: How hot/warm do they get?
A: At the surface between 110º F and 140º F. We do not recommend direct contact with the skin.

Q: What controls the heat so pets cannot be harmed?
A: You place the warmer inside the SnugglePuppie or SnuggleKittie. There is a velcro slot in the belly for the warmer and heart.

Q: How can I be sure it will not get too warm for my pet?
A: Be sure to secure the velcro closure. But even then it would be difficult for it to fall out because it is a snug fit anyway. Also any ambulatory animal will naturally move away from excess heat.

Q: Are the heat packs reuseable?
A: No, they are not reuseable.

Q: How long does a heat pack provide warmth? And is there any way to extend the life of a heat pack?
A: A heat pack will provide warmth for 20 hours, sometimes more. Since the heat is most often used at night only, the warmer can be placed inside a zip lock bag with most of the air squeezed out and used again the following night. One Snuggle can provide warmth for an entire litter.

Q: What are the two types of heat you mention in the "Product Details" page for SnugglePuppies and SnuggleKitties?
A: Well, the first type of heat is our heat packs. The second type of heat is a terry cloth bag that can be partially filled with dry rice and warmed in the Microwave, providing heat for a few hours. The owner's manual that comes with every SnugglePuppie and SnuggleKittie has the details

How do SnugglePuppies™ or SnuggleKitties™ work?

They have an underside pouch where you insert the heartbeat (watch or calculator style batteries are included) and heater. There is a separate inner pocket for the baby bottle located in the underside pouch. The heaters are all natural and safe. The stuffed animal is machine washable – don’t forget to remove the contents (heart and heater) before washing.

Microwave Instructions

DO NOT place the SnugglePuppie™ or SnuggleKittie™ in the microwave. You DO NOT place the heaters in the microwave either – they will spark….You DO place the terry cloth pouch with your dry rice in the microwave. Again, please follow our directions that come with your SnugglePuppie™ or SnuggleKittie™.

What are SnugglePuppies™ or SnuggleKitties™ for?

Designed to help the young animals adjust to their new homes, the SnugglePuppies™ and SnuggleKitties ™ are great for all ages and breeds. They help alleviate separation anxiety, loneliness, and stress. Great for people who travel (with or without their pets); great for people who crate train; great for trips to the Vet; great for orphaned animals (they have been called a “Virtual Mom” for good reason!); great for people who can not have animals.

What are the dimensions of a SnugglePuppie™ or SnuggleKittie™ and why do we have one size?

The dimensions are approximately 12 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 3 inches high.
We did a year’s worth of product testing and found that one size does fit all! Even day-old orphans found a place to cozy up into. We have numerous pictures over the years from rescues with entire litters being serviced by one SnugglePuppie or SnuggleKittie. There is also a spot to place a nursing bottle for singletons. We have eight SnugglePuppie™ and two SnuggleKittie™ styles, should you prefer one to match your puppy or kitty – or couch – see our testimonial photo of Buddy the dog with his SnuggleKittie™.

What is a SnugglePuppie™ or SnuggleKittie™?

They are the original and award-winning plush stuffed animals with a heartbeat, heaters and place for a baby bottle. They come with battery-operated heartbeat and two forms of soothing, comfortable heat.

What is the warranty or return policy for a SnugglePuppie™/SnuggleKittie™?

We warranty all of our products - they are free from defect.* If you are not completely satisfied with our product, please give us a call immediately. Most likely we will have some tips to help. You can return an unopened and unused SnugglePuppie™ or SnuggleKittie™ for a full refund plus shipping and handling. *We will replace any defective item

Who uses a SnugglePuppie™ or SnuggleKittie™?

Really, just about anyone!

Animal caregivers like Vets, foster parents, breeders, people adopting pets, kennel owners and animal control officers. Wild animal rehabilitators and zookeepers.; people with singletons (when one puppy is born) or orphans or a SnugglePuppie™ or SnuggleKittie™ can be used when one pet dies in the family

Why do animals love them?

Because, we believe, that animals have feelings too. Animals cry during separation anxiety, they whimper when feeling lonely, they even show stress. A SnugglePuppie™ or SnuggleKittie™ acts like a sleeping littermate and works to end the crying, whimpering and stress. You and your pet will fall in love!

Will my dog eat the SnugglePuppie™?

We always suggest supervision when you start using a SnugglePuppie™ (cats don’t have this problem, although they do suckle, which is okay) and use it for bedtime. If you have a known chewer, don’t use the SnugglePuppie™ during play time and please do not play tug with a SnugglePuppie™. But if you are giving a SnugglePuppie™ during a stressful moment (crying, lost mate, travel, etc) then the SnugglePuppie™ will act like a sleeping littermate and calm your puppy. We also made sure there is nothing small to chew off – “just in case”!