If we are deliving your puppy you will need to bring a carrier to the airport when you meet us.

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Congratulations! You Adopted your new puppy and its time to get ready to bring your new family member home. What a happy day this will be!!
On this page we will offer you some advice and you will see what your puppy is use to. I am NOT a dog trainer, I am a professonial breeder. On this page I offer things have worked worked for us.
Our babies are raised in our home. We use exercise pens for their safe place. This is what they are use to. Here are two examples of them. When they are not out  playing, being held loved on or socializing this is where they are . This is where they sleep. This is their bedroom :0)

Setting up a puppy area at your home similar to ours.
To set up the following exercise pen you will need the following:

1. 2 iris exercise

2. Big Brown cloth pad/ or you can use a big table cloth vynal
3. 2 exercise pen potty grates-order below

4. Bed and toys and Food and water bowls I recommend glass or steal NOT plastic

5. 1 bungie cord

6. 2 attachments one for each side of the doorway.

7. they make a top for the iris exercise pen I personally do not use it, but it is always nice to have just in case your fur kid wants to be rambunctious and climb over the exercise pen to escape. This has happened to our puppy parents before :0)

8. You can still get a create to put inside of the exercise pen you if you want, that way you can use it when it is time to create train the puppy.
You would use the create for their bed.

Example of what your set up can look like


What about Feeding your new puppy?

All of our furkids including adults eat life's Abundance Click here to order it. We let them self feed. What dose that mean?  We keep their food down all the time. We do NOT have a feeding schedule. I believe they should be able to eat any time they want just like us. Some times if you are potty training to go our side or create training this can be a problem. If you are planning on doing this you will need to put them on a feeding schedule. You want to make sure you give them access to food at least 8 times a day in the beginning. That way they will be able to adjust to the of being on a schedule. While adjusting to the feeding schedule you want to take notice and notes of what times they are eating more. That way as you adjust the schedule down you know what times to keep. I would start
 first week 8 times,
second week 7 time
 third week 6 times
 fourth week 5 times
 fifth week 4 times
I would stick to four times a day until they are about 7 months old then you can go to 3 times a day.

I get asked if you free feed/self feed don't the dogs over eat. My experience has been NO. Not if this is what they are use to.
What about Create Training/ Sleeping at night?
First lets talk about the create training. It is a good idea? Yes I think it is a great idea once the puppy can hold his/her self for more then a couple of hours. Most the time I recommend doing this at about 5-6 months, unless you can commit to taking the puppy out every 2-3 hours.

This is the reason I use the potty grates, also if you are getting your puppy in the cold snowier winter or the hot humid summer who want to be out side for hours waiting on the baby to go potty? NOT me LOL

Most of our babies are using the potty grates before they join their family 99 % of the time while they are in their exercise pens. NO we do not give the puppies free run of the house. If you are having potty issues with your puppy and he/she is having accidents chances are you have given him/her to much room. They need to graduate into getting more room a little at a time. Puppies are just like kids that you are training to potty train, if they are playing they for get where and when to go potty. If a puppy has to much room he/she will for get where to go potty.

When sleeping at night you do NOT want to put your puppy in the bed with you unless you want him/her there all the time. This is can be a very bad habit to start and very hard to stop. If you puppy is crying at nigh when it is bed time  you may put his/her exercise pen in your room so he/she may see you. You can also put a blanket/sheet over the exercise pen to make it like a den for him/her. Puppies are den animals they love to be in their den. Also it will help if they have something to snuggle to you can use a stuff animal( they may chew it up) or an old shirt of your as a blanket for them to cuddle to, or you can get a snuggle puppies.  I have heard of some puppy parent taking  a  soda bottle and fill it with really warm water and cover it with a pillowcase or small blanket (something the heat can come through) and place it inside their bed  this will make then think that they have company :0)

Puppy Proofing Your House
What advice would our past puppy parents give our future puppy parents?

Katie Teller --Be patient with the potty training.

Cara Bertelli Stewart --Prepare to be home more than usual!! Because you should and you will want to!!

Susan Gould --They are cuddle bugs and full of love, but don't let that cute face fool you! They will steal your dirty laundry, try to drink your coffee if left unattended, and if you try to catch them they will out run you, making you look silly..... But all these crazy things make puppies fun. Remember with all the hard work they require these puppies will give you 100% of their love. They will be your biggest fan when you come home from a long day and they will never get tired if kissing you. Just make sure you have the time to give your puppy the time and attention they deserve.

JoAnn LaDuke --Be consistent, be patient.

Colleen Brunelle --If your fuzzy pup has and discoloration in the corner of hers/his eyes, go on and order a trial kit and follow directions. It works miracles! !! These pups are so smart and loving! And stay looking cute even as adult dogs:)

Colleen Brunelle-- Oops. I mean any. Hahaha

Elli Kraybill ---Unless you want to buy toys all the time needle and thread on hand is always handy especially for their favorite toys you don't to get rid of.

Deanna Berg Responding to advice question: Have lots of toys for them to play with and learn from; Chammi loves spinach, but after I gave her a piece she started eating my green plants---she is a lot smarter than I am!

Susan Gould One more thing.... Before you get your puppy make sure you know what things are poisonous to your dog... Print it out and hang it somewhere. I was shocked to hear that grapes are highly toxic, frank ate a half of one, he was ok, but it could have been bad.

Carol Pena--- Enjoy every minute with your puppy. They are so lovable.

Lori Wise--- We have an exercise pen with room for her bed, food, water, chew toys and her potty grate. If was very difficult the first few nights when she would cry to get out. It just broke my heart but I forced myself to be consistent. After just a couple of nights, she was fine. She stays in there whenever we leave the house and all night and she loves it. Now I never have to worry about her and I know she is safe and sound when we can't be with her. Plus we don't have to worry about potty accidents if we are gone a long time or getting up in the night if she can't hold it. The potty grate works wonderfully.

Ordering Your Supplies
Potty Grates for exercise pen
Potty Grate Pads
Exercise Pens
Life's Abundance food
Nuvet Vitamins

Item numbers
LJ1720  or  LJ1723   

Fit pretty good into the potty grates

these are perfect for the exercise pen potty grates.

The exercise pens in the photos above are the four panel, the eight panel is really tall, in order to get your puppy out of them you have to open the door or take it apart.
or Call 877-387-4564

Please use my ID Number: 40035554
when calling Life's Abundance directly.

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Your baby will come with their about me book. This book will have all the information about them including shot record, spaying/ nuertering informatoin and much more.


Snuggle Puppie for your new baby
Your furkids new best friend...
A stuffed animal with a heart beat and heater. 2. An pet to cuddle, curl up or sleep on for comfort. 3. A snug, cozy friend for animals that eases crying, loneliness and separation anxiety. 4. An award-winning virtual mom.


Potty Grate Size
Warming Bed
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Creme Doodle
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Snuggle Product
Address to send to
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Pink It's A Girl

What about Grooming?

When your puppy comes home he/she will have been groomed several times. We start the basic grooming at about 3 weeks. The basic grooming is trimming their bottom, nails eyes, pads and brushing. We brush the babies all time and you want to continue this when they come home. This is a great bonding time, also if they are not brushed dialy as thier coats grow it can get matted up very bad.
Most the puppies get their first bath about about 4-5 weeks.

Grooming should be done about every 8-10 weeks, if you use a 7 blade if you want them in what I call a puppy cut.
In between taking them to the groomers you may need to trim up their bottoms. You can do this at home with a 10 blade. This area must be kept very short all the time. So when they go potty it dose not stick to their bottom.  I do not reccomend giving more then one bath every 14 days or so. If you bath them to often they can lose the oils in their skin and get dry skin and scratch all the time. When you give you puppy a bath make sure you are using a good shampoo. I like Tropiclean and this is what we use. You can visit their website here

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